How to Wear the 80s Fashion Trend Without Going Overboard

Follow go well with and pair some long bike shorts with a smoking jacket-style blazer or oversized but structured coat. When done right, these types can really create a gorgeous sculptural effect, not to point out they scream boss lady. There’s something concerning the robust silhouette they create!

Between the Urban Outfitters/Laura Ashley capsule collection and the recent retro appears on the runways right now, it’s clear that 80s fashion tendencies are having a moment. Here’s the way to put on them with out looking such as you’re sporting a Halloween costume. Bike shorts will always make me consider my mother, Princess Diana, and Kim Kardashian West, in that order. Kardashian West did, of course, do this with a little help from excessive fashion runways.

A look at which garments made it back to the longer term—and tips on how to put on them now. So, you’ll be able to …