Custom-Making Hats for Any Occasion

The Hat Shop pinnacles lie just under the trail, providing a birds-eye view. The Hat Shop spans about 200 hundred yards of trail, and hikers can simply stroll the length of it for optimum perspective. Views of the Pink Cliffs and extra distant valleys open as the path rises up a narrow ridge to the edge of the Hat Shop (2.1 miles).

The finest Hatshop photographs may be had if you take the trail a number of hundred yards beyond the AllTrails turnaround. Did this on a Saturday and saw perhaps 8 individuals (despite the fact that I waited about 10 minutes for a parking spot). The only cause this does not hit 5 stars is I did Navaho and Peek-a-boo loops three years (virtually to the day) ago. Those loops brought you up close and private with God’s paintings – at a value of a contact of congestion – …