A fashion scholar explains why fashion is so essential

In the Twenties teens wore outfits such because the schoolgirl cadet type outfit which consisted of a gathered skirt with a hemline just under the knee. This skirt was normally accompanied by a V-necked bottom-down jersey knit cardigan, white collared shirt, and tie, all topped with a beret hat. Other teen women and older youngsters often wore cardigan sweaters, cotton frocks, and canvas sneakers. In the Thirties teens and/or younger girls would dress to mimic movie stars as much as potential.




Men would wear fedoras, golf caps, automobile caps, Panama hats and different almost timeless types of hats up till the seventies, after which hats became less popular as casual types began to dominate the scene. Baseball caps, skull caps, beanies and other forms of casual hats stay well-liked with males and provide a way to display their favorite sports teams to the world.

Around the 1950s …